Communication features of Caasco

A Little Communication Goes A Long Way

Passengers who are delayed or on cancelled flights are already going through a lot. They have made plans, they are filled with optimism for their trip. It's a lot to handle. Sometimes emotions can turn sour. This is why communications are often the biggest pain point for passengers during flight disruption.

At the same time, the airline staff are going through a mini-crisis of their own. Their attention is constantly being divided between many different types of information. The questions they receive from passengers vary greatly and require creative responses. It can be very difficult for airline staff to provide passengers with the crucial communications they need to ease their frustrations and anxieties.

Communicate with your passengers at the speed of thought

With Caasco, it's easy to deliver mass-scale passenger messaging from one platform. Unique features like automated passenger SMS & email, customisable messages and the ability to track message history makes Caasco the one stop solution for all of your passenger communication needs.

You can achieve the following compensation communication superpowers when using Caasco's communication module:

  • Mass-scale Passenger Messaging
  • Automated Passenger SMS & Email
  • Create Custom Passenger Messages
  • Track Message History

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