Caasco offers a SaaS platform that makes service recovery transactions and processes cheaper, easier and scalable for businesses, whilst giving their passengers the digital experience they deserve. Caasco enhances service recovery, reduces operational costs and improves customer experience. It integrates many providers into one and brings together accommodation, transportation and financial compensation services. Starting in 2020, Caasco is focused on aiding the airline industry to easier and faster compensate passengers after thousands of flights had to be canceled due to measures to slow down the spread of COVID-19. The diagram below explains how Caasco works.


Before Caasco, airlines might be at risk of the following: operational bottlenecks that last for hours, Manual claims process requiring physically contact, Unknown financial liabilities, Frequent system outages, Costly management of global regulations, low passenger Net Promoter Scores and lack of data transparency.

With Caasco, airlines will have a scalable solution with digital and touchless service recovery, real-time audit trails, highly resilient and secure SaaS platform, managed configuration changes, higher passenger Net Promoter Scores and live and secure data sharing with selected suppliers in the ecosystem.

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