We aim to use technology to help airlines bridge the communication and passenger experience gap when there's a delay or cancellation

The Caasco Experience

Speed & Time

Accelerating the response and delivery of compensation in one app within 2 minutes. Faster, Contact-less and making queuing for compensation a thing of the past.

All-In-One Solution

Caasco enables a friction-less and seamless compensation across hotel booking, transportation, financial compensation, refreshment vouchers from one single platform.

Mobile Self-Service

Giving passengers the required information & the ability to take control of allocated compensation using their own phones. Paperless, green initiative and a positive environmental impact.

What Caasco Can Do For You


Empowering airlines to turn the negativity associated with flight disruptions into complimentary customer experiences that drive positive Net Promoter Score.


Innovative offerings that eliminate requirements for PCI compliance associated with card based solutions whilst also employing cloud security and compliance standards.

Cost Reduction

Scalable solution that takes care of all disrupted passenger compensation. Reducing need for more staff, legal and bank fees associated with post disruption claims.

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